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turisti sulla corda - 2 pezzi-50 x 150 e


The theme of the double, the defined and indistinct in frames of life


Life is a journey, an eternal game between the defined and the indistinct, the accomplished and the unsolved. You never stop exploring, going in a fascinating experience, discovering paths where assemble emotions and projects. What matters is the journey to search and find themselves.

Here my paintings come to life with tourists and their alter-ego, their golden casts treated with the preciousness of gold.

Tourists, groups of them, droves, colorful, distracted, dazed from the fatigue and the constrained march, or reduced in golden shapes like a human imprint.

Indistinguishable shapes seen in backlight, now formed by other forms, exalted by their own stretched shadows.

Every creature exists and offers its plastic consistency through the shadow, that is trace of the history and what it was, almost a surfacing of the unconscious, sinopia of a breaking wall, void that reminds the object itself.

We are us and at the same time fetish of ourselves I a maximized society, where out trands and enjoyments are more than ever similar between them.

Even painting technique suggests coexistence of opposites: the realism of the figures and the

reduction to abstract motifs of the backgrounds, the draft of oil paints with sand inserts and the duality between lines and materials which exemplification in the insert of golden stripes.


The subjects are born in a mental reconstruction that accosts elements from different time and places and transported in the dimension of dreams.

It’s a world of travelers of life that walks in an architecture without time and characterized by a non-conventional space where everything is imaginable, where everything is real and at the same time is fantasy, icons of a dehumanized living that uses and make exasperated and monotonous every element of life.

It also makes feel something “more”, a remote force, an echo, a particular recall that pervades every artwork almost like they seek each other to involve us chorally through exiting and unique experiences.

They are families from which collect incommunicability, frames of a life that presumes a “before and after” that would be imagined differently by each person observing them.

Everyone will project their own life and their and experiences.



Therefore I consider my artworks finished only when the viewer has generated his own interpretation, but because the number of viewer is theoretically infinite, my artworks are never finished but will continue to evolve over time.

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